Two necessary prayers

From Scotty Smith’s constantly heart-centering and encouraging blog:

read this first: A Prayer about Sin’s Desire for Us and God’s Grace for Us

and then this: A Prayer about Being Loved by Jesus, Fully and to the End

This morning, I remember my need and my Savior. 

While we’re in this world, you’re constantly loving us—without variance in degree, perfectly and passionately, all the time. You’re loving us when we’re alive to your presence and affections, and you’re loving us when it feels like you’re ignoring our prayers, indifferent to our pain, or displeased with our lives. 


Though you died for a huge pan-national bride, I declare today that the Son of God loved me and gave himself for me (Gal. 2:20). This isn’t narcissism; it is necessity. It’s not selfish; it’s sacred. It’s not Western individualism; it’s deeply personal. I’m once again in awe, Jesus. 


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