While I’m spending the week with my fiancee I won’t be doing any writing/chapter summaries. Instead, it’ll be a good time to put up some quotes from what I’m reading and link up to other articles that have been a blessing or have been challenging to me. Todays:

Living with a view towards our ultimate satisfaction in God doesn’t mean we close our eyes to the pleasures that God has made in this world. It means we appreciate them even more than we ever thought we could!

I appreciate the fact that Trevin Wax picks up on this nuance in Piper’s theology, and his article makes that clear. Even if you’re not familiar with John Piper, its worth a read for the amazing quotes and ideas.

A snippet:

“To wake up in the morning and to be aware of the firmness of the mattress, the warmth of the sun’s rays, the sound of the clock ticking, the coldness of the wooden floor, the wetness of the water in the sink, the sheer being of things (quiddity as he called it). And not just to be aware but to wonder. To be amazed that the water is wet. It did not have to be wet. If there were no such thing as water, and one day some one showed it to you, you would simply be astonished.” – John Piper


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