Personality and Ministry: Part 1

If you had approached me when I was in high school and asked if I thought of myself as an introvert or extrovert, I probably would’ve replied, “No, I’m South African.” I wouldn’t have understood the question. It hasn’t been until the last few years that those categories have existed for me.

But when I begun my undergrad career, I noticed huge differences in the way that my roomate (who you should check out here) and I interacted with people. After hanging out with a group, he’d be energized — I’d be drained. It was around then that I was introduced to the terms introvert/extrovert, and they made a lot of sense.

Then came sophomore year. What a year. By about January (halfway through the school year) I felt confident that God was calling me away from the music major I’d been working on for two years, and towards (Christian) ministry. When my junior year rolled around, I made the academic switch. And everything felt official. I had taken the first step on a long long journey to being a pastor.

It’s been almost three years since then, and I’m more confident than ever that I made the right choice. But there have been rough days. Days when I’d rather read the Bible by myself than next to a friend who needs some guidance; days when I have no desire to make the phone call or ask the probing question or extend the invitation to lunch. Basically, days when my natural disposition trumps my calling.

These days the tug of war is pretty hard to ignore. And it has often made me question whether I really am called to Christian ministry. So during the next few weeks I’m going to be covering a couple issues related to ministry and personality, as well as highlighting some helpful resources I’ve found along the way. I hope it’s encouraging to other people who have wrestled with the personality-calling tension.

Stay tuned.


One comment

  1. Sounds interesting! And yes it can be hard at times. God wanting you to connect with people but your introverted side not wanting to venture out as much. Every personality has a weakness but we shouldn’t allow it to be a crutch especially when God has called us to do something. God gave us our personalities for a reason so he knows how we are. He made no mistake in making us. So if he knows how we are, he also knows what we’re capable of so we should trust Him when he lays it on our heart to venture into the purpose He has designated for us.

    Anyway, I look forward to reading your series.

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