What Would You Say to Yourself?

I love it when older and wiser men share what they wish they could tell their younger selves. I want to lean in and listen. I want to snatch up their advice, and grow in areas where they wish they had. And I’ll be their age someday, making lists just like this one. I hope it’ll be as wisdom-packed as R.C. Sproul’s:

(I’ve listed each point, but the article has more text under each one. Breeze through them below. But get the good stuff here, at the original article.)

10. Cultivate gratitude, put to death grumbling.

9. Worry about your sanctification rather than your standing.

8. Master your temper.

7. Encourage yourself and your circle of influence to find your and their satisfaction in Jesus.

6. Learn to like vegetables and be leery of carbs.

5. Relax, wind down, recreate by doing rather than watching.

4. Seek out and read those rare books that both tell you something important and do so beautifully.

3. Never stop playing baseball.

2. Listen to and honor your parents.

1. Hold Denise’s hand every chance you get.


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