A Few Resolutions for 2014

I promised a friend I would post my new years resolutions.

Here they are:

Read and understand one C.S. Lewis book every two months

abolition_of_man_791Over Christmas break I read John Piper’s tribute to C.S. Lewis (available for free here) and thoroughly enjoyed it. The small eBook is not a “biography” in the traditional sense. It’s more concerned with C.S. Lewis’ impact on Piper’s life than with Lewis’ life itself. Nonetheless, it exposed me to a sampling of Lewis’ works and gave me the bug.

I dived right in and just finished Lewis’ small (but weighty) book, The Abolition of Man and only understood about half of it. I’m sure that trend (and the requisite multiple readings) will continue once I get to Miracles, and The Four Loves. Thus the pace: one book every two months. Slow, but steady, is the goal.

Complete a “through the Bible in a year” plan

I hate having to rush through Bible reading. That’s why this year I’m using the “Discipleship Journal” reading plan. This plan gets me through the Bible in a year without taking an hour a day (which is about how long my old plan would take). I can linger in the places and scriptures that I used to rush through. I’m really looking forward to it.

Because the people who created this plan are undergoing website construction, I couldn’t find the pdf online. Anywhere. But I want to make it available, so I converted my pdf version to jpgs. Here they are:

Discipleship Journal page 1

Discipleship Journal page 1

Discipleship Journal page 2

Discipleship Journal page 2

You can also get it through OliveTree here. YouVersion has it here. If you’re on Android you can get it from Google’s play store here.

Study Luke’s gospel

That’s a hopelessly broad goal. If I were to leave it like that I’m sure that I’d accomplish nothing. So here are a couple sub-goals:

  • Record and answer every question I have about Luke’s gospel. I’ve already written and organized about 100 of these questions. In the coming months I might do some posts about what I discover.
  • Read through relevant sections of Darrel Bock’s commentary on Luke. I’m using a commentary because there are certain issues (like the political deliverance Jesus’ was expected to bring) that I simply don’t have the expertise to understand on my own. For that reason, Bock’s commentary has been indispensable so far. You can find Volume 1 on Amazon here, and volume 2 here.
  • Write small summaries of important sections. One example would be Luke’s version of Jesus’ sermon the mount/plain. I can’t tell you, as of this evening, what it’s all about. I hope to change that this year.

(Sidenote: The way I think about goals has been impacted significantly by Michael Hyatt’s article “The Beginner’s guide to goal setting.” I heartily recommend his counsel to you.)

So those are my goals. At least, the ones I’m willing to share with everyone here on the blogsphere. If you read my blog regularly:

  1. I hope you see these topics in future posts! That’ll mean I’ve actually followed through.
  2. I hope you get to read better posts. I want to write gooder. But it’s taking time to find my voice and style. Let’s all trust this year is one of growth. For your sake and mine.

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