Future Grace Retreat

1. The two videos of John Piper teaching this material: video 1, video 2.

2. A sermon that shows how this material works in everyday life.

3. The book this retreat was based on.

4. The slides, in pdf format, that accompany Piper’s presentation.

5. A free pdf book entitled, “Take Words With You” that aims to teach people how to pray using the Bible. The book itself is a giant list of Bible verses arranged by the kind of promise they represent. Download it and take a look! The compiler writes in the introduction,

It is hoped that the many promises of God written here will be prayed back to God in prayer as we seek to enter into God’s purposes accomplished for us through Christ’s cross. Sometimes we remember the gist of a promise but cannot remember what was said or where it is found in Scripture. This manual has been written to make that process easier by organizing the promises of God by categories and themes.

6. In the fourth session I said that “there is no magic fix for sin,” and that sanctification is complicated. Here’s a video where the counselor I mentioned, David Powlison, talks about this:



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