Is Jonathan Edwards Too Difficult to Read?

From Crossway’s blog:

In the video below, Justin Taylor asks Dane Ortlund about two common objections related to Jonathan Edwards.

Dane’s answer is concise and to the point.


Is Sanctification Simple or Complex?

David Powlison answers that question in the video below. “… you often get these fads that try to put sanctifcation in a one-liner. If you just [ do this ], if you just [ do this ] then all your problems will go away…”

A Video That Will Make Your Day

Today I discovered the treasure trove that is Alastair Humphreys’ vimeo channel. According to the internet’s most reliable information sink (wikipedia. duh.), Alistair is “an English cyclist, adventurer, author and motivational speaker. His first big adventure was completing a four-year bicycle journey around the world. He is a National Geographic Adventurer of the Year.” Article.

The video that will make your day is an example of his (?) invention, the “micro-adventure.” The description of the imbedded video below says, “Get a bunch of kids. Let them walk over a big hill, eat outside, run a bit wild, jump in a river, toast marshmallows and sleep under the stars in their clothes.” It’s only 3 minutes. Watch, and enjoy.